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We don’t have to tell you that the modern-day, regulated commercial cannabis industry has largely been built on selling products with no regard to the consumer. The integrity of the plant has not been upheld and with so many choices it can be easy to get lost in the hype. Walton Select has always believed that the start of any good cannabis experience begins with choosing quality cultivars. Our breeding projects rely not only on the art of selection but also utilize the assistance of genetic testing. This provides a better understanding of the cultivars we are working with and also the progeny being created; ultimately creating unique cultivars with distinct and purposeful characteristics and effects.

Walton Select was born from the shared vision of a close group of friends and family that have always championed and respected the cannabis plant. The root of this vision lies in cannabis genetics and the cross hybridization of different cultivars. Modern day cannabis genetics are a result of decades of breeding that happened mostly in the shadows due to the legal status of the plant. Consequently, much of cannabis breeding knowledge has become folk lore and at times fairy tales. We strive to do our part to honor those that came before us and the thankless work that has brought us to where we are today.