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Genetic Lineage

Genetic Lineage

Plants Used In Our Crosses

Kool Aid is our chosen female from a Purple Trainwreck x Super Silver Haze cross we did in 2013. The chosen female has a super loud grape aroma, reminiscent of an artificial grape drank that has moderate smell to taste translation. Growth structure is sativa leaning, with taller growth seen in veg and at least 1.5x stretch pushing into flower. A low to medium feeder, she does not like to be pushed hard with nutrients. High is very balanced, allowing space for both a cerebral or body high depending on the mood of the consumer. She is a medium yielder and can be grown both indoor and outdoor. Flower maturation is 8-9 weeks indoors. Finished flower exhibits hues of purples and pinks, adding to the overall aroma of the cultivar. We reversed this female to pollinate herself in order to create the feminized Kool Aid S1 material.

Our Golden Goat cut exhibits the classic characteristics that have made this cultivar a legend. Its aroma and taste range from tropical fruit, lemon zest with spicy undertones to tangy, earthy and herbal. Growth structure is sativa leaning, with taller growth in veg and at least 1.5x stretch pushing into flower. Can be harvested at 9 weeks indoors, but really shines when taken to 11-12 weeks to allow for heavier yields and higher potency. High is very cerebral, but lacking the “racy” characteristics associated with most heavy sativa varieties. Also, can be grown with much success in outdoor environments. Finished flower exhibits light green bud covered in fuzzy orange hair with moderate density, giving the appearance of a “golden” bud.

Our Deep Chunk male was hunted from seed material obtained from Tom Hill. This IBL has become known in the industry as a true breeder and has shown excellence in cross-hybridization work. Our chosen Deep Chunk male has continuously shown to pass increased resin production, increased bud density, tighter inter-node stacking, decreased flower time; all while allowing the female to dominate the smell and taste of the progeny.

Our Grape Pie cut was hunted from Cannarado seed material. Super loud grape smell with moderate taste to smell translation. A heavy indica-leaning hybrid of Cherry Pie and Grape Stomper, Grape Pie exhibits a sweet, doughy flavor similar to Cookies variants, but with a syrupy-grape addition. Ultra-resinous flowers with hues of purple make the bag appeal stunning on this cultivar. Being a heavy indica leaning variety, veg growth is short and squat, with only 1x stretch pushing into flower. The high starts out surprisingly cerebral, but very quickly leading to a crash and couch like effects. Flower maturation is 8-9 weeks indoors and can cultivated outdoors as long as the large bud density is taken into effect in certain climates.

TKT is a Triangle Kush x Tangie cross originally done by Oni Seed Co. The purple Tangie male in this TKT was the same purple Tangie male used in the original Tropicanna Cookies F1 cross, from which the Trop Mtn cut was found. This cultivar exhibits extremely loud citrus terps paired with an incredibly potent, balanced high. Growth structure is very tall and stretchy in veg, with at least 2x stretch seen going into flower. Finished flower is green bud covered in orange hairs with moderate density. Flower maturation is 9-10 weeks indoors, and can also be cultivated outdoors.

Our Tangie male was hunted from Crockett Family Farm’s Tangie material. Our selected male exhibited the purple male flower characteristics that have been seen in certain males from this Tangie line, which have been shown to be offer unique and interesting characteristics being passed through to the progeny. The male was ultra-vigorous and showed signs of resin production on male flowers. Also exhibited an intense, tangerine aroma on the stem rub and when brushing up against the leaves of the plant.

The Tropicanna Cookies used is the cut that has become known as the MTN Trop. Original cross was from a female Girl Scout Cookies to a purple male Tangie. Aromas and flavors of warm citrus and cinnamon combine to form a potent and intoxicating smell and taste. The high is more on the cerebral side, but not pushing into the realm of being racy or overbearing. This is a taller, more stretchy variety in veg, and will see at least 1.5x stretch pushing into flower. Medium yields with flower maturation around 8-9 weeks indoors. Can also be grown outside with success. Finished flower exhibiting hues of light and dark purples, with orange hairs and very resinous creating stunning bag appeal.

Our Purple Trainwreck x Super Silver Haze male was the brother of our selected Kool Aid female. We chose this male based on the loud, artificial grape drank aroma from the stem rub and leaf material, coupled with extreme vigor in growth and also pollen production.

New York City Special was hunted by us from material from World of Seeds. This cross was originally done by World of Seeds in order to preserve Soma’s New York City Diesel that exhibited grape fruit terps. We found the female that was most closely reminiscent of Soma’s NYCD terp expression to work in further in order to isolate this characteristic.

The Super Silver Haze was from an original Mr. Nice yellow pack. We kept a unique Super Silver Haze female that exhibited loud garbage funk mixed with spicy church incense. Tall growth in veg coupled with 1.5x – 2x stretch in flower. Flower maturation is 11-12 weeks indoors to take to full potential. Will love being grown outdoors as well. Yield is massive when taken to 12 weeks, as well as bringing a very potent, cerebral high that is not for the faint of heart.

Descriptions Of Our Crosses:

Golden Goat x Deep Chunk: Aim of the project was the create a more dense, more resinous and shorter flowering Golden Goat. Roughly 50% of the progeny hit the mark, while roughly 25% exhibit the dull, earthy terpene expression of the Deep Chunk. Even split of tallerand more stretchy varieties to squatter, shorter phenos. Green and purple flower color expression are also evenly split. The high leans towards a more cerebral, but balanced experience. 60-70 days flower maturation indoors and is suitable for outdoors.

Grape Pie x Deep Chunk: Aim of the project was to create a monster yielding, scary dense grape pie. With both the Grape Pie and Deep Chunk bringing shorter internodal spacing, dense flower formation, and ultra-resinous flowers, the progeny are fairly uniform for these characteristics. Terpene profiles on 50% of the progeny leaning towards the doughy, grape terpene expression of the grape pie, with roughly 25% taking the dull, earthy terps of the Deep Chunk. Even split of purple to green flower color expression. 50-60 day flower maturation with a very sedative, couch lock high. Most of the progeny will exhibit shorter, more squat growth with extremely dense flower formation, so beware outdoors.

TKT x Tangie: Aim of the project was to create a TKT with better structure while maintaining the extremely loud, citrus terps. Vast majority of progeny maintained the loud citrus terpene expression of the TKT. Taller and more stretchy varieties prevalent. Purpleflower expressions on less than 25% of the progeny, with the majority showing more green buds with orange hairs. Extremely potent high that is cerebral with no raciness. 60-70 days flower maturation indoors with medium to heavy yields. Suitable for outdoors.

Tropicanna Cookies x Tangie: Aim of the project was pull out more of the Tangie from the Tropicanna Cookies which is a cross of Girl Scout Cookies x Tangie. Progeny terps ranging from doughy to extremely loud citrus, with 50% of the females showing majority purple expression and 50% showing majority green expression. Taller and more stretchy varietyprevalent. Balanced high leaning more to the cerebral side with no raciness. 60-70 day flower maturation indoors with medium yields. Suitable for outdoors.

Tropicanna Cookies x (Purple Trainwreck x Super Silver Haze): No real aim with this project other than finding unique hybrids. Most, if not all phenos will show taller, more stretchy growth. Roughly 50% of the phenos will exhibit purple flower with very loud, artificial candy terps. Green phenos will range from candy to earthy approaching hazy terps. Highs are balanced, with the mood of the consumer dictating the direction. Medium yields with 60-70 day flower maturation indoors. Suitable for outdoors.

Tropicanna Cookies x Deep Chunk: Aim of this project was to create a Tropicanna Cookies with shorter internodal spacing. Roughly 50% of the progeny exhibit the desired results, with Tropicanna Cookies terpene profile on Deep Chunk flower structure. Vast majority of phenos will show this Deep Chunk flower structure with roughly 25% taking more of the dull, earthy terpene expression of the Deep Chunk. With the Deep Chunk also bringing purple flower dominance, most of the phenos will be purple to dark purple. Balanced highs that lean more towards the cerebral side with no raciness. 50-60 day flower maturation indoorswith heavy yields. Suitable for outdoors.